Wisconsin Winters are not for Wimps…

Many people ask us how we can stand to be in the cold in Wisconsin. Simple, we embrace it!  This is the most beautiful time of the year. The ground is covered in snow, which Mother Nature freshens on a regular basis making it look like diamonds are glistening on the ground. Why stay in side with so much to do to keep you active and warm?

There are many activities to enjoy in St. Germain. The most popular one is most likely snowmobiling and St. Germain is one of the premier destination in the state. One of the reasons being, we are home to the largest Snowmobile Club in the state. With over 1,100 members, the Bo-Boen club keeps the trails in the best conditions possible. Start  your day on the trails by stopping by for a hearty breakfast at either the Wolf Pack Cafe, know for their world famous pancakes. Or stop by the  3C’s Coffee Cup Cafe and enjoy a hearty breakfast of Pan Fried Walleye.


If you prefer to catch your own breakfast, Ice Fishing knows no bounds. Enjoy a crisp sunny day on the lake enjoy spectacular scenery that is even more magnificent than the summer time. Hire one of our expert  guides to take you to the best spot on the to reel in your catch. While you are on the ice, there are many places that you can stop to warm up and have a quick bite for lunch. If you are fishing on Big St. Germain Lake, why not try Fibber’s Bar & Restaurant? Not only will you have a delicious lunch but you can also check our the trophy fish mounts. Fishing on Little St. Germain Lake, try The Timbers Bar.  Exceptional burgers and friendly service along with TV’s to watch any sporting event you fancy.

Looking for something more relaxing? Snowshoeing is a great activity to get you out and warm up on a brisk winter day. There are many different trails in St. Germain. The Awassa Nature Preserve is an easy/beginner trail offering a system of level, shaded trails that meander through stands of mature pines, oaks, maples, and a rich understory of balsam fir. During the winter, the portions of the trail system that do not coincide with the snowmobile trail are available for walking, snowshoeing and skiing. You can also try the Shannon Lake Trail System. With a mix of easy/beginner and intermediate loops, about half the trail runs through areas logged in 1976 and 2000. The loop around Shannon Lake is especially scenic. The rest of the gently rolling trail meanders through a variety of northern hardwoods.

Finish your daily outdoor activities by heading out to dine at one of our amazing supper clubs. Try the Golden Pines Restaurant, rustic yet fine dining in a casual relaxed atmosphere. With nightly specials, vegetarian and gluten free meals. This is a restaurant everyone can enjoy. Mar-Li’s Bar & Restaurant serves up amazing broasted chicken and incredible Friday Night Fish Fry. No matter what restaurant you decide on visiting don’t leave without having an Old Fashioned.

No matter the weather, you will find many ways to stay warm in St. Germain! For more information visit our website at http://www.st-germain.com or give us a call at 715-477-2205




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